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QR Code Scanner and Contact

The app should include a QR code scanner feature that allows users to scan QR codes placed around the house to contact the homeowner or relevant individuals. Upon scanning, the app should facilitate communication with the designated contacts.

Call Screenshots

If the homeowner is unavailable to receive calls, the app should have a feature to record missed calls and automatically capture screenshots of the caller's contact information. This ensures that important calls are not missed and provides a visual record of attempted communication.

Subscription Management

Users should be able to manage their app subscription directly within the app. This includes options to upgrade, downgrade, and view payment history and billing details.

Multiple Family Member Integration

The app should allow the homeowner to add multiple family members or authorized individuals to the system. Each family member should have their own profile with customizable settings and access permissions.

" The auto-crop feature works like a charm, saving me time from manually adjusting the borders. The scan quality is excellent, producing clear and crisp images every time. "
Palak Jain / Manager